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Learn the same hacking techniques that are used by criminal hackers to hack you so that you can better protect yourself.

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The Complete Phishing Course With EvilGinx2 ojoiszy.com

The Complete Phishing Course With EvilGinx2 – Advanced Passwords and 2FA Tokens Phishing

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If you know how hackers compromise computer systems and online accounts, then you’ll be informed & very prepared to prevent it from happening to you.

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Welcome to the award-winning website for practical cybersecurity! I am Ojo Iszy, your cybersecurity educator.

I initially started to learn hacking for the purpose of wielding its superpowers. But I soon realized the enormity of that power, and how much it could affect people’s lives in the real world.

Because with great power comes great responsibility, I started this website to teach as many people as possible the best of what I have learned (through the years) in order to help them stay SECURE online. You can read more in my about page.