7 WhatsApp Hacks and Tricks You’ll Start Using Right Away

Hello everyone, today I am going to be starting on a new line of blog posts where I am going to be sharing mobile hacks, tricks, and tips that I personally use or think should be useful to you guys.

Today, on the first installment I’ll be sharing some WhatsApp tricks I use on a daily basis that gives me super WhatsApp abilities. The type which includes hiding chats from the WhatsApp chats list, downloading friends status’ stories, stopping friends from being able to recall messages, etc.

Are you ready? Let’s continue…

Introducing GBWhatsApp

Spoiler alert! Before we continue I would just have to tell you upfront that you would not be able to do any of the tricks here with the standard WhatsApp you have right now.

Yes, that official WhatsApp you installed from Google’s Playstore cannot work with these tricks.

That is why I am going to be introducing you to GBWhatsApp. A very popular and special WhatsApp some of you might already have heard of or even using right now.

GBWhatsApp is an improved version of the standard WhatsApp that lets you access a HUGE amount of additional features.

The great thing about it is that you can use it alongside your standard WhatsApp. You don’t have to uninstall one for the other.

Learn more about and download GBWhatsApp in this tutorial and come back to finish up.

7 WhatsApp tricks your friends would beg you to teach them:

1. Save your friends’ WhatsApp stories with one click.

Are you one of those people who still ask or beg friends to send you a picture or funny video clip that you saw on their WhatsApp story? Then you have been missing a lot!

You can change the position right now and have friends beg you instead to send them the stories you have saved and gathered from your other friends.

With this neat little feature on GB WhatsApp, I have amassed close to a thousand short funny video clips from all my friends’ WhatsApp stories.

How to save friends’ stories on GBWhatsApp

To save a friends’ Whatsapp stories or status

Save Friends WhatsApp Stories

For pictures and short videos:

1. View the status you want to save.

2. Tap on the three-dot menu on the top right corner.

3. Select “download” and this would save to gallery.

4. View it on your gallery.

For text updates:

1. View the status you want to copy.

2. Tap on the three-dot menu on the top right corner.

3. Select “Copy” and the text would save to your clipboard.

4. Long press and “Paste” to a new text story.

Now nobody’s Whatsapp story is without your reach.

2. Enable WhatsApp Anti-Revoke

Shortly after WhatsApp released the feature where someone could recall or revoke or delete a message they had sent in error, the team behind GBWhatsApp made an Anti-Revoke feature to counter it.

This means that you can actually stop friends from being able to delete or recall any message, picture or video they have sent to you.

This also applies to deleted or recalled messages and media on WhatsApp groups.

How cool is that!

And what is even cooler is that you get a notification whenever someone tries to revoke a message and what message they tried to revoke.

Additionally, you can see all revoked messages over time for an individual chat or a WhatsApp group.

How to Enable Anti-Revoke on GBWhatsApp

Enable Anti-Revoke on GBWhatsApp

To enable Anti-Revoke globally on GBWhatsapp:

1. Under “CHATS” tab, tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner.

2. Tap “Privacy” and select “Enable Anti-Revoke”.

3. GB WhatsApp would refresh and save your settings.

4. To disable Anti-Revoke, repeat steps 1 & 2 and select “Disable Anti-Revoke”

To see all revoked messages for an individual chat or WhatsApp group

Tap to expand the info of that chat, select “Revoked Messages”.

1. Go to conversation screen.

2. Tap on friend’s name or group name to expand info.

3. Select “Revoked Messages”.

Now nobody on your chat list or in any group can delete or revoke a message or media from you again until you say so. **winks**

3. Hide your WhatsApp Last Seen or Online Status

For some reason you may not want people on your Whatsapp list to know that you are online. You may just want to secretly come on Whatsapp and chat with a few friends while the others think you are offline.

Don’t worry the developers of GB Whatsapp understands this, that’s why they made the feature to hide your last seen or online status to be activated with less than 3 clicks.

How to hide your last seen or online status on GBWhatsApp

Hide your WhatsApp Last Seen or Online Status

To hide your online status on GBWhatsapp:

1. Under “CHATS” tab, tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner.

2. Tap “Privacy” and select “Hide Online Status”.

3. GB Whatsapp would refresh and save your settings.

4. To show last seen again, repeat steps 1 & 2 and select “Show Online Status”.

Note: if you use the hide your last seen or online status feature, you also would not be able to see the last seen or online status of others.

4. Hide your view on friends’ WhatsApp Status

Have you ever wanted to be able to view Whatsapp status or stories of friends without them knowing? Now you have it!

When this feature newly appeared on GB Whatsapp, a few of my leet friends used it on me.

They would view my Whatsapp status and then leave me a reply. Whereas they did not appear on the list of persons who viewed the status.

At first, I thought it was bug or glitch on the part of Whatsapp. But sooner I found out they were using this simple trick I would show you below.

How to view someone’s status on GBWhatsapp without letting them know

View Someone's WhatsApp status without them knowing

To hide your view on friends’ Whatsapp status globally:

1. Under “CHATS” tab, tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner.

2. Tap “Privacy” and select “Hide view status”.

3. GB Whatsapp would refresh and save your settings.

4. To show last seen again, repeat steps 1 & 2 and select “Show view status”.

5. Enable Privacy Mode for individual WhatsApp chats

I call these set of settings “privacy mode settings” because well, they actually protect your privacy just like the rest.

This is for you if you want the super Whatsapp powers to stop a particular friend or friends from being able to know:

  1. That you have received their message (Second tick).
  2. That you have read their message (Blue ticks).
  3. That you are typing a message (Writing status).
  4. That you are recording a voice message (Recording status).
  5. That you have played their voice message (Blue microphone).

How to hide second tick, blue ticks, ‘typing…’, and more on GBWhatsapp

Hide second tick, blue ticks, ‘typing…’, and more on GBWhatsapp

1. Go to conversation screen.

2. Tap on friend’s name to expand info.

3. Select “Privacy”.

4. Activate “Use custom privacy” by checking the box.

5. Check the box next to all you want to be applied:

  • Hide read status: This hides the Blue ticks; your friend won’t know you’ve read their message.
  • Hide receipt status: This hides the second tick that confirms you have received their message.
  • Hide play status: This hides that blue color change once you have played a voice message.
  • Hide recording status: This hides the “recording…” status when you are recording a voice message.
  • Hide typing status: This hides the “typing…” status when you are typing a message.

Now you will observe that there are two more options: Hide view status and Enable Anti-Revoke.

We have talked about these in #4 and #2 respectively. And those are the ways to enable them globally, meaning it affects ALL contacts on your list when applied that way.

Now if you wanted to apply those for individual chats and not for all your contacts this is where you do that.

  • Hide view status: This hides that you have viewed the Whatsapp status of this particular friend ONLY.
  • Enable Anti-Revoke: This prevents this particular friend from being able to revoke or recall messages.

6. Password Protect a WhatsApp chat

For the sake of privacy and keeping prying eyes off your WhatsApp conversations, when you give someone your phone you may decide to lock a chat with a passcode.

Now only the person who knows this passcode can read the conversation for that chat.

How to password protect a chat on GBWhatsApp

Password Protect a WhatsApp conversation or chat

To password protect a conversation on GBWhatsapp:

1. Go to the conversation screen for that chat.

2. Tap the three-dot menu on the upper right corner and select “Lock Chat”.

3. Tap “Enable passcode”

4. You know the drill; enter your passcode twice to confirm.

5. Now attempting to read the conversation of that chat again would require your passcode.

6. Enter it to gain access.

7. To disable passcode protection, after you have entered your passcode, repeat steps 1 & 2 and select “Unlock Chat”.

8. Tap “Disable passcode”.

7. Hide a chat completely from the WhatsApp chat list.

Now it’s one thing to protect a chat on the chat list with a password, but it’s another thing if that chat doesn’t even “exist” on the chat list.

Someone could coerce you to open a locked chat like in #6, but here the chat is not visible in the first place.

I call this secret chat because you can simply hide chats in plain sight. And I know many of you guys would love this one.

Secret chat works not only for personal chats, it works for Group chats as well. How cool is that?!

How to hide chats from the chat list on GBWhatsApp

Easily Hide Chats from chat list on GBWhatsApp

To vanish a chat or group chat from the GBWhatsapp chat list:

1. Go to the chat you want to hide.

2. Press and hold on the chat to mark it. (You can select more than one).

3. When it’s selected, tap the three-dot menu on the upper right corner.

4. Select “Hide” from the menu.

5. For security, you will be prompted to set a new pattern.

6. You know the drill; enter your pattern twice to confirm.

7. Now the chat would be hidden successfully and you’ll see the hidden chat(s).

8. To access the hidden chats list again, on the main GBWhatsapp screen tap the “WhatsApp” text on the top left corner.

9. This would bring up a pattern screen; unlock it with the pattern you just set.

10. There you will see all hidden chats again.

11. To unhide a chat, when on the hidden chats list, repeat steps 2 & 3.

12. Select “Mark Chat as Visible”.


There you go guys. That’s my bag of secret GBWhatsApp tricks and I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have other tricks you guys use let’s discuss in the comment section below, I’ll be happy to learn them.

Don’t forget to share this post with friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

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How to avoid GB WhatsApp anti delete or anti revoke feature…

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