Contact Me

If you have general questions about cyber security or ethical hacking

Please post them in the general forum, under the appropriate topic. If no topic exists for your question yet, then you can create one. I’m always in the forums to answer questions ASAP. But please don’t send an email (it will kindly be ignored).

Soon a discord channel would be created for real-time QnA sessions.

If you have questions, feedback or require support regarding any of my courses or shop items

Please post them in the appropriate forums. There is a support forum dedicated to course-related challenges (say login issues or trouble accessing a course). There is also one dedicated to receiving your invaluable feedback in order to serve you better. Then there are course-specific forums associated with individual courses, you can ask your questions there. I am there to assist with your query ASAP but please don’t send an email (it may get lost in the insane volume of emails I receive daily).

If you want to hire me or need cyber security consulting

Please call me.

If you want to talk business or interview me

Please send an email to [email protected]

If you want to inquiry about anything else

Please send an email to [email protected] or a DM to my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. I typically respond within 24 hours or less.

Please review this section below before you send a message

If you are looking for a hacker to do your dirty work I am not that guy. I will block you and may report you if you send messages:

  • Trying to hire me to hack someone for you. (Unless you are the government or a law enforcement agency I DON’T do that).
  • Asking for help to hack your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Asking for hacking help or advice to steal money from someone’s bank account
  • Generally just asking for help to do illegal stuff. (“illegal” here means trying to gain access to data, information or money that is NOT yours).

I am not a black hat (or criminal) hacker pretending to be a white hat (or ethical) hacker. I am a full-fledged white hat hacker just like the rest of the professional hackers in the infosec industry (e.g Kevin Mitnick, Chris Hadnagy, Dave Kennedy, Beau Bullock, etc).

There is no amount of money you can offer me to do your dirty hacking job. I am not hungry. I will only comply with law enforcement to bring a criminal hacker to book, other than that I don’t hack for money.

I make money from advertisement revenue, affiliate income and I charge for courses I make on this site.

Hacking can be a grey area but I try to keep it above board. Hacking techniques and tactics I share on my blog, online courses and YouTube videos are purely for educational purposes. It is not my intent to use them to encourage anyone to go do illegal stuff because you will get caught.

All the hacking tools/techniques I teach about were created/invented by professional hackers, and I only amplify them so that they can be public knowledge and then get burned. This is also the aim of every cyber security professional out there, to discover and expose security loopholes and secret hacking techniques to the wider public so that criminal hackers who are using it for themselves can be forced out of business once that tool, technique or security loophole is public knowledge.